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Essi Pöysti Is Miss Finland 2009

Essi Pöysti, a 21-years-old from Jyväskylä was crowned Miss Finland 2009 during a live television broadcast from Grand Casino Helsinki on Sunday, March 1st. She beat her competition in televoting, obtaining 22 per cent of all votes casted. The runners-up, Elsi Suolanen and Linda Wikstedt, were chosen by the jury. The TOP5 was rounded with Henna Lintukangas and Minna Nikola. The main interest of the evening, among the name of the winner and her runners-up were the new crowns worn by the trio. Unfortunately Satu Tuomisto, Miss Finland 2008, was unable to crown her successor due to a personal loss: Her father passed away last week, and she has understandably cancelled all her public appearances for the time being.

Essi's victory once again proved how persistence pays off in the pageant world. She already made it to the final of both Miss Finland and Miss Finland World in 2007, but didn't place in either competition. Later same year she competed at Miss Tourism International Metropolitan in Malaysia, becoming the 2nd Runner-up among more than 40 contestants. Now she came back to Miss Finland with a better insight to the pageant and more self confidence. Her transformation from a cute girl-next-door to a glamourous beauty queen was such that some suspected plastic surgery, which is discouraged by Miss Finland Organization. Beauty pageant experts, however, saw the transformation as an example of how much can be achieved by a proper styling and a healthy lifestyle.

Among her other duties as Miss Finland Essi has a guaranteed spot as our representative in Miss Universe contest. Down to earth Nursing student with a contagious laughter will no doubt benefit from her previous experiences abroad. As an "army-brat" she spent her High School years in Norway, obtaining an IB degree and has also continued studying for an international degree after returning in Finland, which makes her fluent in English.

As last year, the runners-up don't have fixed International encagements, but one of them should go to Miss International, and another to Miss Intercontinental or Miss Europe, should the contest be staged this year. Of the runners-up, Elsi was both the fan favourite in the Miss Suomi -blog poll and the obtained the highest score Linda, on the other hand, celebrated not only a crown, but also her 20th birthday on Sunday.

We wish Essi, Elsi and Linda good luck for their year as reigning Miss Finland and her runners-up !

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